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Apr. 26th, 2020



I have a twitter account (for the fandom only...).
Follow me and I'll follow you back :D
Type fairy_of_lust and follow  ♥

Apr. 24th, 2011


The Curse (1)

Title: The curse (1/?)
Subtitle: The Four-letter nightmare.
Pairing: Subaru x Shota (Kanjani8)
Genre: AU, Drama
Summary: Shota and Subaru were a couple and they had to face lots of difficulties.
They broke up. After some years, they meet again in the General Hospital.
Subaru's changed, his life's a complete mess.
Shota is diseased and can't forget Subaru.
Subaru doesn't want him back in his life, but what if Shota's disease is worse than he can imagine?
Warning: UNBETAED. (omg, I typed unBEATed xD LOL) 
A/N: What can I say. I tried.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Johnny does ;P


-Everything will be alright.. soon. I promise-Collapse )




Here I am.

WARNING: Boring news about me under the cut :D

About HAIR, REAL LIFE, DESSERT, HOMEWORK, FICS AND TESTS. And oh, yes, Bicycle.Collapse )Well, HAPPY EASTER!!!
I almost forgot to say that. xD

Don't know what to say. . . So I'll cut it here.

See you.

Mar. 29th, 2011


Fangirling over Gay Dudes~

OMG. I just watched episode 13 and 14 of Gloomy Salad Days...
Epic! THAT scene *I mean the vampire one of course* was so good! 
Like, OH YYYEEEEAHHHH. But then.
Argh. And the ending was a bit disappointing, must say. I wanted more of Xiao & Da <3<3.

I'm still hyper for the Glee kiss, you can't even imagine.

I'm fangirling like ever, or is it just because I'm sick and I can't think properly? xD
Well, it's totally okay for me, so, who cares!

And I can't stop loving ikemennosekimen comm and their wonderful archive. <3
Best wishes to those girls, may the live forever! *v*

Oh, and I'm writing smut again. Kanjani8 this time.
I wish I had more time this week but it doesn't seem so.
I wrote a bit today but due to the illness I was more like a walking zombie.
BL only made me feel better. Plus, The Beauty and The Beast movie by Disney. *coughcough* >>

Jan. 23rd, 2011


Random thoughts about the fic. and something about me

 EDIT: I posted the fic on jent_fanfics with a fake-cut but I noticed that this blabbing could annoy people. That's why I chose to cut it off and paste it in a new post... So here it is what I wrote about the fic and me...

I finally finished it! Not that I didn't have time... I've been having fever since last thursday... 9 days.
It's a low fever, but it doesn't seem to vanish, even if I take antibiotics.
My parents are afraid that it could be a little infection, but we don't know for sure... And it isn't apparently.
Well, I don't know. But I'm going back to school tomorrow, after being absent for so much time.
I missed two tests and I still don't know if I'll have to do them this week (with other 3 tests I have this week) or what else...
I had a bad time with fever and stuff. I felt tired, sick and had persistent headache. And my pervy imagination seemed to vanish (and in my eyes that was the worst part of the whole thing!).
That's why it took me so much time for writing even if it was in a good point.
But it's longer than expected.
I still think it's an epic fail but... I enjoyed writing it so much.
I was so disappointed every time I sat in front of the computer for writing it but ended up doing nothing.
But whenever I felt enough inspired (and fine!) for writing, it was such a nice feeling.
I kept thinking that I was writing something for myself, for my personal pleasure. And I had fun.

Well.. Go read it then! 

AkaKo oneshot

Title: There's no sunlight waiting for me outside
Pairing: Akanishi Jin x Tanaka Koki
Rating: NC-17 or just Restricted. As you prefer.
Warning(s): Sex, that's all.
Bitch!Akanishi and Too-Thoughtful!Koki
Angst (or some kind of.)
A/N: I fail at smut, but I enjoy writing it, so.....
Disclaimer: I don't own them. My mind owned the plot and I didn't even know it until I dreamed it. (sounds confusing, but that's true)

As usual, sorry for mistakes (and typos), but English isn't my mother-tongue and it's totally un-beta-ed.

-It's been a while-. His voice.Collapse )

AN about the ending....Collapse )

Jan. 10th, 2011


Happy New Year!

Posting time again~~
How do you do everybody?

Click here for: my life, my lj-friends, my random blabbing, my depressing stuff and BE CAREFUL or Snack the Snake will bite your ass!Collapse )

But hey, Drunken!Koki says NO to depressing thing, so I should obey to my Lordie and stop it here....

Happy New Year Everybody!!! (Somebody around? xD

Dec. 26th, 2010


...And tech hates me

Hey, how do you do?
I deleted the first post, as you can see. The post "Fics On Writing" is just USELESS, don't you think?
It's just a waste of room, because I'm not even writing those fics.
Well, I got here and tried to put a header I made under the name (+Murarisuto no Sekai+) but couldn't.
I can't figure out how it is to do. I read some tutorials but I'm way too tired to try to understand what they mean.
And I'm stupid anyway, so how could I manage to? 
Technology hates me. The matter is that I like it so much ♥. It's fascinating.
But well, the banner I made sucks, so maybe it's better like this. I just wanted to put a bit of color.
It's a little sad without the cute faces of Johnny's guys.
Here it is the image (under the cut) 
Click here for the horrible thingCollapse )

I hate codes. I totally suck at this T.T
And I modified the photo with gimp and paint *omg* xD
I'm hopeless indeed.
and one with Ryo and Yasu. But it's hard to read and the image quality sucks, so I think I'll make another one soon.
And I made a pair of new icons. With paint of course. I hope I'll use them often xD
*you can see them under the cut* 
Here we areCollapse )

That's all folks. I think I'll write something tonight.
Akako I hope. I have some ideas spinning in my mind lately.. >>
See you soon *hopefully*


Christmas drabble about Big Bang (or some kind of...)

Here I am again! Are you doing well, everybody?
Holiday break has finally started, I'm so happy! 
And, oh, Merry Christmas everybody!! *a little late, I'm sorry....*
Thank you my dear giuggiu , you helped me finding inspiration! So this Christmas Drabble is for YOOOOU ♥
Sorry, the fic is a bit sad and it isn't clear at all, but it just came to this! xD I don't even know why. 

Here we have a song drabble. The song is "Wooden Heart" by Elvis Presley. I just happened to listen to it after watching a lot of videos with Big Bang's fanservice (thank you again giuggiu ^v^).
I probably shouldn't have done this because I don't know Big Bang so well (I still barely recognize them *coughcough*) but I hope you'll like it anyway *well, giuggiu will be the only one who will read this anyway, so why am I even writing this? xD*

Genre: AU, kind of OOC (because of what I wrote earlier)
Rating: Pg-13 because sad things happen and there are very few sex hints

Pairing: T.O.P. and Daesung

But we're still aliveCollapse )

Nov. 28th, 2010


Let it snow, Let it snow

It works, it works!!!
It's been a while.

Something about my life... Don't care, don't read! xDCollapse )

And -heey- it's snowing here!! I'd spend the whole day staring at the snow falling. I wish I could.

Almost everybody in the fandom seems to die or at least  disappear in this period.
It's tough, folks, right? 
Let's try our best, okay? xD 

Uhh, and this week should be the last big school rush before the Holiday break (I mean the Christmas Break)... or I hope so at least.
I wonder if I'll be able to post something before Christmas xD
*I'll try hard*

See you soon!!

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